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The GOOd and BAD 



Nehemiah is here on the music scene to stay with his second solo release Organic Root, one word Wow! Raised in his father’s church, Nehemiah has been performing music in one form or another for most of his life.  Nehemiah had recorded his first song by the age of 12 and at the age of 15 he headlined his first concert in his hometown of Portland, Oregon with proceeds that went towards teenage victims of domestic violence.  It was after that concert that Nehemiah was convinced that he wanted to pursue music professionally. The experiences of his teenage years opened the door for Nehemiah to later join Soul, a contemporary gospel group signed to a subsidiary of the Hendrix record Universal label. This release spent 9 weeks on the Billboard gospel charts and peeked at number 36.  Though the group was short-lived, it provided Nehemiah the opportunity to tour the states and establish relationships that would bear fruit in the years to come.


After briefly filling the lead vocalist spot in a group with producer HR Crump (Beyonce and Teddy Riley), Nehemiah decided to focus on developing his solo project.  His debut solo album, Public Mind, is the product of all of his life experiences, both good and bad.  The mid-tempo track “That Person” is a celebratory autobiographical account of all that happened to Nehemiah as he recognized all that Jesus Christ is.  Another personal song, “Fly Away,” was written for his daughter, Amiah, who died several weeks after being born. It is songs like these that helped the album find its title.  Nehemiah explains, “The title of the album is intended to communicate on two levels.  First, I wanted to emphasize that I identify with my audience. The things that they struggle with, I struggle with. The things that trouble them, trouble me. Second, I wanted to show that this album was not simply a collection of songs, it is a window into my mind and life which I have made public through that release.”      

Now we are here approaching 2016, Organic root is here. This is his second solo release and it has taken root into the hearts and minds of many. Giving you Nehemiah on a more intimate level, his passion is indescribable with tracks like (marry Me) and (Dear Abby). These titles are just a few to name, which give you an eagle view of how Nehemiah sees pieces of this life. Organic root is packed full of well, thought out Life records that gives you a prospective into human nature.  Nehemiah's goal is to connect people on a spiritual, emotional, and cellular level, so when you hear the quote "music can help heal the Mind,Body and Soul", Nehemiah wants to be the one that starts the process. Organic Root. One word describes it...


Nehemiah lists artists ranging from Commissioned to Boyz II Men to Phil Collins Joe Tank The Winnans that have influenced him and the diversity of his personal palate, which comes through in the diversity of his music.  Nehemiah has worked with artists such as Talib Kweli (Triple OG Champagne Duane) Speech Arrested Development (Antenna Braille) Super Producers Tim and BOB (Dreams and Bonnie and Clyde). Nehemiah wrote and produced much of this body of work himself, while also teaming up with producers and songwriters C Marcellus (Colondra Mcdowell) Derek Clark (Fred Hammond and Omarion), Anson Dawkins (Dawkins & Dawkins and David Hollister), Chris Turner (Singletons) (Liv Warfelid and Blackbird), Cole Brown (Michelle Williams) and his brother J.B. (Benjiman).  The production and vocals on the project are top notch. There is nothing about Nehemiah’s Second Release that sounds like an independent project, but it truly is.  While people will definitely respond to the impressive vocals and banging tracks, Nehemiah hopes they will especially be drawn to the stories.  “Some of these songs are birthed out of experiences I’ve lived and some of them were born out of the experiences of my community.  Not all people will be able to relate to the exact details of every song, but I believe everyone will find themselves somewhere in each song.  Each of them speaks of something true and real that we can all identify with.  I look forward to hearing how people find their own stories in these songs.”  


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by Nehemiah Booker




STAR THEATRE - Performing with Easy McCoy, Mick Jenkins       Portland, OR.    Sept. 25th  

ROSELAND THEATRE - Performing with Easy McCoy, Young Thug     Portland, OR.    Oct. 8th 

ROSELAND THEATRE - Performing with Easy McCoy, Lil Boosie     Portland, OR.    Oct. 18th

IHEART RADIO - JAMMIN 107.5 Penthouse Showcase                Portland, OR.    Nov. 12th

TAO EVENT CENTER - The Love Experience Tour Nehemiah/Raheem Devaughn Portland,OR.    Feb. 11th

ROSE FESTIVAL MAIN STAGE - Water Front Show Nehemiah/Patrick Lamb Portland,OR.   May. 29th